9V Updates!

My wife and I had a daughter in June of 2010. The Nine Volts have played a handful of shows as a band since then, but recently I have been playing solo acoustic shows while adjusting to the new responsibilities that a newborn baby brings.

Life is a series of gains and losses. This past year, We lost a previous band member and dear friend, Mike McCombs. Mike was an incredible husband, father, friend, band mate, and songwriter. A tribute album is in the works with many artists covering songs from Mike's enormous catalog of music. I have contributed a track entitled "The Least", which was a previously unreleased home recording of his. Also featured on the album are John Davis (of Superdrag), Josh Caterer (of The Smoking Popes), and many other talented musicians. The name of the album is 'The Sound of Victory' and more info can be found at TheSoundOfVictory.com

For more up to date info on shows, videos, and other happenings become a fan on Facebook, as we tend to keep that updated more often. You can also follow us on Twitter. Our EP is available from CDBaby.com, iTunes, and a host of other online retailers. It has gotten great reviews not only here in the states, but overseas as well. It is also being played on college radio stations across the country. If you haven't heard us on your local station then call em up and request us. We appreciate it. Every little bit helps. We plan on getting back in the studio early this year to begin recording a full length LP.

Many thanks,
DC Wilson / The Nine Volts